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Eat Healthy and Exercise or Die! July 24, 2011

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“So, whether you eat or drink, or whatever you do, do all to the glory of God. ”¬† (I Corinthians 10:31 ESV)

Hello Everyone,

Some months ago I made a decision to honor God with my body. I am always singing, praising, ministering, and so forth to others, but didn’t realize that I was not worshiping Him in truth. Maybe in spirit…….but not in truth.

I entitled my post “Exercise and Eat Healthy or Die” because I feel that’s what will happen to me if I don’t. I may die physically, emotionally, or spiritually, but some part of me will die!

Who am I, glad you asked :-). I am a loving wife to a second year law student and the proud giddy mother of a 3T girl. I currently teach college biology and anatomy and physiology…….go figure, while in school starting a doctorate program in Education. Most importantly, I am a child of God learning everyday to live pleasing in His sight.

So, why am I here, glad you asked :-). When my husband and I made the decision that he would go to law school, I didn’t know what I was up against. Not only would our income be split, but he would have to move 3 hours away from us. Being his #1 cheerleader and I knew this was a life long dream of his, I didn’t think about the affect (although he did) that it would have on me. I became exhausted and depressed…….and gained an extra 20lbs (I was already 40lbs overweight). I made myself a promise that while he was away, I would focus on working on me………..FAILED! When he finished his first semester I realized I’d gained 20lbs. Being a husband that loves me at any size (unless I am unhealthy via doctor’s results) he was fine with it and just encouraged me to workout.

During all of this I turned 30!! Loving 30 and feeling empowered, I had no idea my body didn’t. During our Christmas break all of my rough awakening moments came:

1. We went to our doctors’ appointments (we’re attached at the hip, lol) and all of my vitals were great! However, weighing in at way over 200lbs I was a tad uneasy about my blood work. It came back and the nurse called. She said, “all levels are fine except your sugar…………it’s a little higher than we like. Take a look at a diabetes diet and you should be fine. If you are young enough you can turn this around.” My heart sank……..both of my parents have diabetes, and I DO NOT want to go down that road. So I immediately started watching my sugar intake. But after careful research, I also found that WEIGHT IS A MAJOR FACTOR! With this in mind, baby number 2 (in the back of my mind) may not be a healthy thing.

2. Since¬† summer 2010 I noticed problems with bladder incontinence. Shrugging this off due to having my daughter (2.5 WHOLE YEARS AGO) I figured it would go away. It didn’t. After our doctors’ appointments, I was referred to a Urologist. The visit was WORSE than a pap smear. He said that my bladder had only dropped a tad so I wasn’t in any danger……………..and here’s the whammy: “But if you lost about 20lbs (there’s that number again) it would probably relieve your bladder of the pressure.

3. The biggest awakening of all: My dear husband came to me with a jump rope (since I like exercising actually) and said…………I told you I don’t have a problem until your health becomes at stake. “I’m not going to school to better our lives and you won’t be here to share it with us.” OH MY GOD! Did he just say that? Yes, with a huge hug, jump rope and all he said it. He downloaded the WW app on our cell phones for me and helped me work out an action plan.

So……..at this point I’m encouraged and realize that eating healthy and exercising is a necessity to my health.

So what’s different……………….my health is now more important than my weight. To date, I am 40lbs lighter and am looking forward to another 40.

These “ah ha” moments gave me an ultimatum to get right. My blog is dedicated to the person that has a sincere desire to lose weight, not as a fad, but to live a healthier life to be a stronger soldier for Christ.