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Process Without the Processed August 14, 2011

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“And God said, “Behold, I have given you every plant yielding seed that is on the face of all the earth, and every tree with seed in its fruit. You shall have them for food.” (Genesis 1:29 ESV)

-He did not say Fast Food!

I  am so pumped right now. I have had another “ah-hah” moment. Processed foods, whether tagged “healthy” or tagged “fatty” in abundance are not good for me. I’ve been cooking more, saving money, and my family is gaining an appreciation for my healthier cooked meals. I want to live a long time, (even longer than a McDonald’s french fry!) and the way to do is by taking care of myself. I am putting me as a priority. This doesn’t mean I’m always first, but I am always a priority!

Weight loss this time around is changing my life, I am more active (I was already a gym fanatic) but I am finding more ways to get active in a fun way.

This PROCESS is something I will always go through, I never intend to quit losing weigh. But I have to put down alot of those processed foods, the nutritional value is much lower and I enjoy cooking fresh meals with my daughter, even if she continues to steal all of the ingredients and eat them (raw cabbage, bell pepper, carrots, fruits, you name it, she loves it).

There is also a spiritual lesson I am learning. I have a problem with the fruit of the spirit self control. I feel so blessed to have found this journey to make me happier and a better gal for Christ! I am seeing that this PROCESS is causing not only my eating to become under control, but my attitude as well. God did not make us to be greedy, but to enjoy life and live it abundantly. Cooking meals with and for my family fills my heart abundantly…………….indulging too much on fast food makes me feel bad, because I have been gifted with cooking with love, and I will continue to do so……..without alof of the PROCESSED.

(Well, except for the cheese, lol, but you get my point: decreasing my fast food intake.)

I am loving this process…………without too much of the processed!



6 Responses to “Process Without the Processed”

  1. Kay, I definitely need to work on this area. I feel so gulity whenever I have to buy my kids fast food. And most of the time, its simply because I failed to plan. Keep me in your prayers girl!

    BTW, Im loving your story!

    • kayveebee Says:

      EmpowerMoments, thank you for stopping by. I didn’t realize people were reading it yet, I’m blushing.

      Stay in the fight, teaching our children how to eat healthy is the best gift we can offer them, next to financial freedom, and salvation of course.

  2. Tasha M. Says:

    Like! That scripture really helps to confirm the “process” that I’m going through with my eating. I know that the desire came from outside myself and I’m convinced that God is helping me through it (as you say, “He makes it easy”)…Keep up the good work!

  3. Kristen Says:

    I purchasd a few SmartOnes meals thinking I was doing better with my lunch choices by choosing something that is low calorie – despite the fact that I know it is still high in sodium. So I was warming up the meal the other day and looked down and read the ingredients. Something inside of me said… umm… if you can’t pronounce half of the ingredients on here, why are you putting this into your body? While I continue with this process, I will definitely be cutting back on the processed 🙂
    Thanks Kay

    • kayveebee Says:

      Girl, I tell you. It is truly a sacrifice, and more time consuming, but it is worth it. I have to pack Krista’s lunch now, so I am always trying to find better choices for her lunch.

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