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Where has the time gone… April 26, 2012

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I can not believe how long it has been since I’ve written a post on my blog. I stopped writing about weight-loss in December because I found out we were expecting our second child, and for fear of my big mouth writing about it, I just refrained until we agreed to share our exciting news. Well after our announcement from our Valentine’s Day ultrasound of our bouncing baby girl, life began to pick up a bit. I wanted to keep writing to you about the healthy choices you can make through pregnancy, but again, my doctoral assignments seemed to pile up, my daughter’s dance team and soccer games took priority some days and frankly, I just needed a nap, lol.


My blog is entitled WeightandLeanOnHIm because God gets the glory and credit for helping me lose the weight. I was shocked this morning in preparation to go to a state board meeting that my suits from my heavier days zipped and buttoned over my 7 month pregnant belly! I don’t take it lightly that I have had a healthy pregnancy thus far.

I’m writing you all of this to say one thing: If you just get up, get out there, and walk you have already lapped everyone else on the couch!

My daily exercise routine consists of 1-2 mile speed walks with slow down breaks as needed. At each lap I do 10-15 squats to help my tailbone and leg muscles prepare for labor. I TRY to drink about 8-10 glasses of water each day (spritzed with lemon). Because of God changing my life, my eating habits, and my mind, I am at a healthy weight gain and I PASSED my glucose test!! Thank you JESUS!

Ladies, have a great day, and whether you are pregnant, old, out of shape, morbidly obese, or feeling just plain defeated, get out there and walk!! You can do it!


Your Sister in Christ,