Weightloss………a Christian journey, a Godly perspective.

May 24, 2012

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At the age of 12, my mother and I were in the grocery store parking lot at night. A man came up behind us pointing a pistol saying, “You know what I want, give it up.” While he pretended to help us load our groceries, my mother scrambled through her purse to come up with a small amount of money, maybe $30. He took the money and left. As soon as we got into the car my mother burst into a crazy praise. I don’t think I have ever heard her scream and shout so loudly. I was in tears and all she kept saying was “Thank You God, thank You God, You are awesome and worthy…” and so on. As an adult, I look back on that situation to find out how powerful that moment was. Her first reaction was to praise, not to pout! Later once the offender…

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