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My Birth Story July 13, 2012

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I figure I might as well type and share this now because in a few hours we’ll be checking out of the hospital and from experience, the perfect little babies that are quiet and professionally swaddled next to your hospital bed become hungry and alert perfect bundles of joy as soon as you get home. Therefore, I doubt I’d have time to blog.

So here it goes (fasten your seat belt, I should have, lol)

At my 39 week check up, no dilation, no progress, no sign of baby coming. Just as I figured the doctor suggested an induction at 40 weeks. The induction was scheduled for the following week and I emotionally went into a panic. I believe that inductions have their place but for some reason, I was not settled. I felt rushed, I felt like I was rushing the baby, and I didn’t feel that we were listening to God’s guidance about our baby’s life. I felt her life was in my hands and that was the WRONG place for it to be. I wanted God to make the decision and show me how to follow it. I cried and prayed, prayed and cried for two reasons: 1) I was NOT at ease about the induction and 2) I was scared of having to have an emergency c-section. I was not at ease about the induction because throughout the entire pregnancy I was considered very healthy. My appointments lasted about 10-15 minutes each and we never had a reason to panic, take extra care other than prenatals and scheduled visits.

The Sunday prior to the scheduled induction, which was for Wednesday, July 11, I went into the hospital with severe nausea. I was sent home, still at 0 cm, but I had the option to share my concerns with my doctor. I was glad that he agreed to postpone the induction as well, especially since my cervix did not progress, but only if I had a fetal non-stress test (nst) on Tuesday, which is what I wanted anyway to ensure that both of us were healthy enough to continue.

Monday evening I prayed intensely and asked God to show me a sign if I needed to go forth with the induction. I didn’t want to seem cocky for postponing but I wanted to be sure that I could wait. I asked him to give me peace over the entire situation and he did.

Tuesday, July 10th I went forward with my day and prepared for the nst later that afternoon. Hubs and I knew we weren’t staying the night so we just met up at the hospital for the procedure and would go home. I went into the hospital room, they strapped me with all of the monitoring bands and such, and one of the cute techs walked in with an arm band. I politely told her, oh, we’re just here for an nst, we’ll be leaving in an hour or so. She politely ignored me with a smile and slapped the hospital wrist band on. At 4:30pm we learned that our baby passed the nst with flying colors, no signs of stress….or dilation for that matter, good fluid levels and a healthy placenta. So we waited to see the doctor and would be released to go home and wait another week. At about 5:00pm I noticed our baby’s heart rate decelerated to 93 bpms. I became a tad razzled and thought to myself, OMG, what happened? She bounced back to her normal 157-165 range, but I was not happy about the deceleration. Hubs and I talked about it, deciding how stressed I would be at home and that we should move forward with the induction for the next day. The Holy Spirit whispered in my ear, “remember you asked for a for sure sign?” Well there was no turning back and I was confident to move forward.

This is how the evening started:

5:45 pm – Hubs prayed, we talked, and I shared my fears, they were peacefully dismissed and we were united in our decision.

6:15 pm – The Doctor arrived, we discussed concerns, the induction plans FOR TOMORROW, and to work on thinning my cervix through the night.

6:30 pm – Cervidil inserted.

7:00 pm – Hubs left to go get bags (we live 30 minutes away), dinner (I had a 10 pm food curfew), get our four year old settled, and a few board games (HA!)

7:30 pm – The contractions start booming about every 15 minutes, but they were bearable.

8:45 pm – I called the nurse to ask her about the pain, she checked my cervix, I was at a whopping 4cm!!! She suggested we prep for an epidural (I agreed YES!!) and I discovered my cell phone died. She offered her cell phone so that I could text my Hub, and later realized I TEXTED MYSELF!!!

9:30 pm – I’m losing a little control due to the pain. I’ve been flipped on my left with an oxygen mask. Hubby walks in in SHOCK!! But once he heard the cell phone story, he immediately jumped into labor coach mode. At this point my breathing sounded more like long soprano notes, lol. The anesthesiologist arrived and we began the epidural entry. Due to the large sway of my back, it wasn’t successful, she couldn’t get to the right spot. I wanted it out. My super nurse took charge and told her in a stern voice, “She wants it out, take it out, now.” The needle was removed. I went into a panic. I screamed, cried, kicked (due to the pain), moaned, and cried. My drill sargeants, I mean…..my Hub and the Nurse were speaking sternly to me (in support of course) to pull it together. I began to shiver the pain was so bad and I cried in defeat because I feared the pain of delivery.

10:25 pm – I begged my Husband to get the Anesthesiologist so we could try for the epidural again. The nurse immediately called her and she was back in about 2 minutes (She was so patient with me). At this point I’m hysterical and crying weird things like “I really want to cooperate, but it hurts.” “I’m so sorry the needle won’t work, I can’t bend right.” “I am just so soooooooooorrrrrrrrrryyyyyyyyyyy.” Talk about dramatic. In the midst of my punches, kicks, and screams, my Hub stood there sternly reminding me how to get through my breathing. (He’s the bomb).

10:35 pm – I screamed, April!! (She’s the nurse) I’m about to “go” on this bed. And in the midst of tears and embarrassment, I begged and begged her to let me go to the restroom. Of course she snapped and said “GO HERE and don’t you get off this bed.” She checked my cervix and I was 9 cm. I cried again because I knew for certain I was not going to be able to get the epidural.

10:45 pm – The “go” turned into the bag of waters that bulged like a balloon. A nurse tech walked by and said, “Oh wow, the bag is right there.” I rolled over and it burst. A few more contractions went by, and the next thing I heard was, “Now all we need is to get the shoulders out.” I said to myself “SHOULDERS???? They come AFTER the head, RIGHT??” Everything happened so fast. April said, “BEAR DOWN” I said, what does that mean? She said “PUSH” I pushed and felt an IMMEDIATE release of pressure and heard releases of air from the team in the room.

10:59 pm Kyra Victoria was born weighing 7 pounds 14 ounces.

The times are approximate, but pretty darn close. For some reason in the midst of the pain I was able to keep track of time. I think I just couldn’t believe that “Today was still Today” and we were supposed to be induced “TOMORROW”. And then again, maybe the clock was my focus point. At any rate, with the help of Hubs and I going over this story about 100 times in the last two days, I feel pretty sure about them.

There are a few more graphics and comical moments that I left out about the removal of the cervidil, my “new” attire, my efforts to get off the bed during contractions, and my scriptures that I kept throwing into the atmosphere. But all in all, I was grateful for such a safe and eventful delivery that resulted in no need for stitches or cortisone if you get my drift, God is GOOD!

11:30 pm The on-call doctor arrived to check me, and cleared me as “GREAT!”

7:30 am My doctor’s first words were, “I didn’t know you were going to do a Grand Slam last night!!”

Lessons learned:

  1. In ALL things wait on God, He WILL give you confirmation for what you ask for. Now you may have to act fast, so be ready, and don’t second guess it.
  2. Although events may not go as you plan, realizing that they are going by HIS plan is more important.
  3. According to Ephesians 1:11, God works out EVERYTHING according to His perfect will.
  4. God has a sense of humor!!! I never understood that statement until Kyra’s Birth-day.


  1. My Husband proves himself over and over again how much of a support he is for me. I am in awe at the perfection God placed in my life. He’s not perfect, but God made a perfect match!
  2. Awesome is such a lame word to describe my Nurse. She was a sister, coach, punching bag, sounding board, and advocate. I need a gift suggestion for her.
  3. My little sis is the best Auntie ever! I never had to worry about our 4 year old because I knew she was at home and safe with her Tee-Tee M.W.