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Crazy about Crayola! December 5, 2011

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This blog is dedicated to my weightloss journey and the revelations God has given me along the way. I remember at the 25 or 30 pound loss mark I started realizing that by being overweight I was cheating and robbing myself of the abundance of life God has given us. Losing weight, I learned that there is so much more to life than food. I gained so much more energy. Part of my motivation was being able to live a life full of activity and energy for my daughter. I didn’t want to be the Mom that couldn’t run because I was too heavy, or couldn’t play with her at the playground because I couldn’t catch my breath.

I also have this thing about giving people flowers while they are living. What I mean by this, is often times we wait to celebrate life once people are dead instead of celebrating them the most while they are here.

As a hobby I plan events. Baby Showers, Weddings, Parties, the list goes on. But I enjoy planning parties for family members the most. This blog post is dedicated to the exciting event of my daughter’s fourth birthday party.

Theme: Crayon Party! Mommy’s sub theme: Operation Crayola

These were her party invitations. I created them using an arrow, lines, and rectangles from the shape options in Microsoft Word. In keeping with the theme, I used multiple colors and cut them out on card stock. I made sure the pink and purple invitations went to girls.

Stuffing Invitations!

I wanted to make sure our daughter was involved in the planning so that she could share in the excitement and the memory of her Mom making a big fuss over her party.

Adding the stickers!

This was her idea. To add birthday stickers to the back of the envelope.

As I searched for items to go along with her theme, I came across these homemade crayon boxes from:http://www.chicaandjo.com/2011/04/07/custom-crayon-box-invitation/  We used them as favors. I purchased a 150 count box of crayons and filled the boxes with 8 crayons each. This was the more inexpensive route, especially since all crayola were BOGO Free!!!

I found scrap fabric in my craft box and made a little “favor” table. They were able to add to their favor bags themselves.

Made from scrap fabric.Favor Table!

I found mini coloring books on Amazon for about $6.50 for 12. After the party I realized we could have made the coloring books, so maybe this is an idea you can use for your crayon party.

Favor Table!

We played interactive games and I forgot to get snapshots of all of them. When the kids arrived they were SUPPOSED to color at the coloring table from coloring sheets I found on Nick Jr.com but instead, they choose to play balloon kickball. We painted on the paint wall, drew with chalk in the driveway, searched for crayons and markers in the “Treasure Hunt” in the back yard, dug for color pencils in the “Needle in a Hay stack” game (They were blind folded), and smashed the pinata. I also had a coloring relay race game, but we didn’t have time. Thank God for 70 degree weather in December!

A week prior, the Birthday Girl tested out my old craft paints to make sure they were usable for the paint wall!

The paint wall!!! (We used the left over wall crayons).

“Needle in a Hay Stack” Filled with color pencils!!! (Dads are awesome!!)

"Needle in a Hay Stack" Filled with color pencils!!! (Dads are awesome!!)

God Moms are wonderful!! I wanted to make a pinata, but ran out of steam. She stuffed it with candy and goodies! See the Pizza coupons, lol!!!

God Moms are wonderful!!

The pinata was a number 4. I had intentions to make a “crayon” pinata, but after resting from Thanksgiving, and a weekend of Dance Activities for the Birthday Girl, I didn’t have the energy, whew!

We used rainbow cupcakes that a girlfriend of mine made. We used the recipe from a youtube video.


These were such a hit. I found the crayon cupcake toppers from Amazon.com . They were about $3.00 for 36. Of course the price varies on the person selling them, I lucked up on a deal. I didn’t get a picture of the inside of the cakes, but the video shows you what they looked like. They went fast!

I was determined to make this party cost effective. The decorations consisted of bulletin board paper crayons and “person blown” floor balloons and a dozen helium balloons. We used all colors of the rainbow to carry out the theme.

God Moms are the best! She cut out about 14 3ft crayons for the walls, and painted them for me.

This really brought the theme to life when you walked into the living space. Large crayons were everywhere, even on the door.

This is a sideway shot of the front door!

When you do your crayon party, you can add a little message on the crayon on the door, but at this point, I’d run out of steam, lol.

I wanted to continue the theme with the food. I found crayons on a google image search, printed, and taped them to the food. I tried to get food of all colors. I couldn’t find anything blue that I wanted to add to the menu.

Red Twizzlers and Oranges!!Chips and Grapes!

Chips and Grapes!

One of our friends appreciated the figure friendly fruit snacks, he’s lost 35lbs on weight watchers!!

I hope you enjoyed the recap of our event. We spent around $250 for the entire party (for 45 people due to Parents) planning early, using coupons and deals, and I made most of the items. Being a crafty person, most of the items were in my craft closet, even about 60 markers for the treasure hunt. Don’t hesitate to enjoy birthday parties and your little ones every year!  We can’t take life for granted, parties don’t have to be as elaborate, but letting your loved one know how much you love them is a must. Doing something simple like decorating their room for their birthday or popping up at school with cupcakes will give the same “Gosh I’m special” effect as a party.

My daughter said, “This was the best party ever!!” I gained Mom points and was glad she enjoyed herself. We are so blessed to have friends and family to celebrate these moments with, especially in our new town.

God bless you all and I pray you are encouraged to create an awesome party or event for your loved one, even if it isn’t on their birthday.



Priority vs. First September 7, 2011

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Sometimes during our weight loss journey, or even at the beginning for that matter, we may think we aren’t strong enough or good enough to even pay ourselves that much attention. I remember when I seriously started my journey I had to make a decision. Being such a devoted wife, mother, and employee I was often pulled in many directions. One day God inspired in me the concept of priority versus first. A priority is something that is regarded as “more important.” Whereas first is just that, first. I adopted the notion that I had to make me a priority. That doesn’t mean that I will be first, because sometimes my daughter or husband came first, and truthfully thanks to a loving supportive family, my work would come first. But at the end of the day, I had to make sure that I was a PRIORITY! That meant, certain parts of my day were for me ONLY. Whether is was my Weight Watchers meeting, lunch at the park (even if it was in my car), alone time with God (even if it were in my office), or just a drive, aimlessly, to relax my mind and regroup.

See God tells us, ” In him we were also chosen,having been predestined according to the plan of him who works out everything in conformity with the purpose of his will,” (Ephesians 1:11 NIV). So this means I don’t have to juggle everything to try and make it work, God is working it out any way.

Further more, “30 For my yoke is easy and my burden is light.” (Matthew 11:30 NIV) I’ve decided to give God all of the stress and to set myself as a priority!!

This means, I am working out when I need to, I am etching out time in my day!


Your Children Eat What You Eat August 26, 2011

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“Train up a child in the way he should go, Even when he is old he will not depart from it. ” Proverbs 22:6 NASB

It’s so easy for us to be selective of our food, but it can be tricky when it comes to our children. Most children like candy, gum, bread, and meat. I’ve seen so many parents give into the “my kids won’t eat vegetables” game. I even fell into once until I realized I have to train my daughter to “like” veggies and fruits. At this point she loves them. I get tickled when I’m cooking and she tries to sneak a raw bell pepper or a palm full of raw cabbage off of my cutting board.

As parents we are charged to care for, guide, direct, love, and encourage our children. God tells us to train them in the right way. Whether they like or not, we have to do what He says….the right way. I’ve often heard my girlfriends become discouraged about incorporating “better” eating in their homes. I can relate. Especially when my husband and I were living in separate cities and I was working fulltime………..at work and being a Mom. So the desparation is one I can identify with totally. One day, on a Thursday I remembered sitting in the drive through thinking, this is our third night eating fast food. I felt convicted for not managing my time and not taking the time out to ensure my daughter had a healthy meal. From that point on I made it my business to make Saturday my dinner day. I would cook about 4 to 5 meals for the week and either refrigerate or freeze them. The crock pot also became a staple. This meant, other things I would normally do on the weekends were cut out. Ensuring we had healthy meals became priority. I enjoyed the time cooking with my daughter and knowing that I was implanting values in her. It also gave us wind down time to eat dinner together at home.

Just in case you are like I was, or can partially identify with my story here are a few things I do in our home to encourage healthy eating with our daughter………(and my husband for that matter, lol)

I buy fresh fruit that’s easy to eat and nibble on and I make it accessbile. Blueberries and grapes are some of our favorites. I wash them, drain them and leave them open on the counter or refrigerator. (A bag of grapes usually only last a day or two at our house.)

When I buy melons, especially watermelon, I cut it up into bit sized pieces and place a bowl on the table at dinner. The color alone makes you want to grab a piece right?

I don’t purchase chips and opt for pop corn (low or no butter). We eat chips, but only on occasion. I pop a bag of popcorn and leave it in a clear zip loc bag on the counter………….they nibble on it all day.

Let your children see your “positive” reaction to new fruits and vegetables. My favorite quote is “OOOh, I loooove asparagus!” Now, I’ll be honest, my daughter is not a fan of asparagus, but at least she tried it. Speaking of asparagus, when I cook it, I either wrap it in turkey bacon or chop it up in chicken sausage as a side dish. YUM!

Refrain from, “if you don’t eat your vegetables, you can’t get dessert.” Just leave it at, if you don’t finish your dinner….and so on. Perception is everything.

I was an obese child growing up and I am not so sure it was due to the “eat everything on your plate” phenomanon. I don’t encourage my daughter to finish her entire plate. I encourage her to eat at least half of it. If she isn’t hungry I don’t force her to eat. Now let me say this, before dinner, there is no snacking to ensure she has created an appetite by dinner time.

This sounds crazy, but yes, I mentally track my daughter’s food intake. I don’t count or write it, I don’t mention it to her, and I don’t tell her “don’t eat this or you will gain weight” but I keep a mental note on the amount of healthy versus junk food she gets in a day. If I notice she’s loaded up on juice too much for the day, then water it is….whether she likes it or not. Sometimes she gets, “Either water or nothing.”

Don’t be afraid to try new things. If they like grilled cheese. Cook it with shredded cheese and slip in a few pieces of shredded carrots. Load up spaghetti with vegetables. Veggie and cheese quesadillas are good too!

Let your children see you follow good eating habits. I promise they will follow. Don’t put too much stress on it. If you are eating a bag of carrots, don’t ask them to have some, just let them see you doing it. Soon, they will follow in your footsteps.

As always, pray about your parenting style and do what works for you. These are just a few of our practices. We eat fried foods, candy, cake, soda, sweets, and more. I don’t want you to think we don’t. But I encourage you to balance, and make unhealthy choices an occasional taste, and not the norm.



OH MY GOD! – So this is the Abundance you were mentioning! August 14, 2011

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Let me first start off by saying…………“I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength.” (Philippians 4:13 NIV)

I was just sitting here reflecting on my dinner the other night. Hubby and I went on a date with a few of our friends. Before the evening, I took the menu, planned, planned, and planned what to eat. This pre-planning did a few things: 1) I didn’t get tempted by the menu because it was familiar to me from looking at it all day. 2) I didn’t have to devour the entire menu because I already new what I wanted. 3) I went ahead and added the points to my calculator, so I new EXACTLY where I was. (I’m on Weight Watchers) My friends chuckled because I specifically asked for NO BUTTER!

I entitled this blog about abundance because I have yet been hit with another “ah ha”. This journey is causing me to look at quite a few more things in my life and I am now focusing on the joy that each of those things bring. I had more to say about last night than just “that food was so good” but I left the table feeling happy because I enjoyed laughing, talking, joking, crying from laughter, etc because I was not consumed with the food.

God wants us to live life in abundance, but this abundance can only be reached by an inner stability. I felt stable last night, I felt joy! I felt like I had self-control.

I feel empowered because to get activity points I take tap dancing lessons. This gives me joy to do something I love, dance!

I am truly living in God’s abundance. I am thankful that he is using WW as my ticket to a happier more empowered me!!

Enjoy this journey, I’m not looking to the end, I am satisfied with today. One meal, one work out, one day, at a time!




Eat Healthy and Exercise or Die! July 24, 2011

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“So, whether you eat or drink, or whatever you do, do all to the glory of God. ”  (I Corinthians 10:31 ESV)

Hello Everyone,

Some months ago I made a decision to honor God with my body. I am always singing, praising, ministering, and so forth to others, but didn’t realize that I was not worshiping Him in truth. Maybe in spirit…….but not in truth.

I entitled my post “Exercise and Eat Healthy or Die” because I feel that’s what will happen to me if I don’t. I may die physically, emotionally, or spiritually, but some part of me will die!

Who am I, glad you asked :-). I am a loving wife to a second year law student and the proud giddy mother of a 3T girl. I currently teach college biology and anatomy and physiology…….go figure, while in school starting a doctorate program in Education. Most importantly, I am a child of God learning everyday to live pleasing in His sight.

So, why am I here, glad you asked :-). When my husband and I made the decision that he would go to law school, I didn’t know what I was up against. Not only would our income be split, but he would have to move 3 hours away from us. Being his #1 cheerleader and I knew this was a life long dream of his, I didn’t think about the affect (although he did) that it would have on me. I became exhausted and depressed…….and gained an extra 20lbs (I was already 40lbs overweight). I made myself a promise that while he was away, I would focus on working on me………..FAILED! When he finished his first semester I realized I’d gained 20lbs. Being a husband that loves me at any size (unless I am unhealthy via doctor’s results) he was fine with it and just encouraged me to workout.

During all of this I turned 30!! Loving 30 and feeling empowered, I had no idea my body didn’t. During our Christmas break all of my rough awakening moments came:

1. We went to our doctors’ appointments (we’re attached at the hip, lol) and all of my vitals were great! However, weighing in at way over 200lbs I was a tad uneasy about my blood work. It came back and the nurse called. She said, “all levels are fine except your sugar…………it’s a little higher than we like. Take a look at a diabetes diet and you should be fine. If you are young enough you can turn this around.” My heart sank……..both of my parents have diabetes, and I DO NOT want to go down that road. So I immediately started watching my sugar intake. But after careful research, I also found that WEIGHT IS A MAJOR FACTOR! With this in mind, baby number 2 (in the back of my mind) may not be a healthy thing.

2. Since  summer 2010 I noticed problems with bladder incontinence. Shrugging this off due to having my daughter (2.5 WHOLE YEARS AGO) I figured it would go away. It didn’t. After our doctors’ appointments, I was referred to a Urologist. The visit was WORSE than a pap smear. He said that my bladder had only dropped a tad so I wasn’t in any danger……………..and here’s the whammy: “But if you lost about 20lbs (there’s that number again) it would probably relieve your bladder of the pressure.

3. The biggest awakening of all: My dear husband came to me with a jump rope (since I like exercising actually) and said…………I told you I don’t have a problem until your health becomes at stake. “I’m not going to school to better our lives and you won’t be here to share it with us.” OH MY GOD! Did he just say that? Yes, with a huge hug, jump rope and all he said it. He downloaded the WW app on our cell phones for me and helped me work out an action plan.

So……..at this point I’m encouraged and realize that eating healthy and exercising is a necessity to my health.

So what’s different……………….my health is now more important than my weight. To date, I am 40lbs lighter and am looking forward to another 40.

These “ah ha” moments gave me an ultimatum to get right. My blog is dedicated to the person that has a sincere desire to lose weight, not as a fad, but to live a healthier life to be a stronger soldier for Christ.