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Crazy about Crayola! December 5, 2011

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This blog is dedicated to my weightloss journey and the revelations God has given me along the way. I remember at the 25 or 30 pound loss mark I started realizing that by being overweight I was cheating and robbing myself of the abundance of life God has given us. Losing weight, I learned that there is so much more to life than food. I gained so much more energy. Part of my motivation was being able to live a life full of activity and energy for my daughter. I didn’t want to be the Mom that couldn’t run because I was too heavy, or couldn’t play with her at the playground because I couldn’t catch my breath.

I also have this thing about giving people flowers while they are living. What I mean by this, is often times we wait to celebrate life once people are dead instead of celebrating them the most while they are here.

As a hobby I plan events. Baby Showers, Weddings, Parties, the list goes on. But I enjoy planning parties for family members the most. This blog post is dedicated to the exciting event of my daughter’s fourth birthday party.

Theme: Crayon Party! Mommy’s sub theme: Operation Crayola

These were her party invitations. I created them using an arrow, lines, and rectangles from the shape options in Microsoft Word. In keeping with the theme, I used multiple colors and cut them out on card stock. I made sure the pink and purple invitations went to girls.

Stuffing Invitations!

I wanted to make sure our daughter was involved in the planning so that she could share in the excitement and the memory of her Mom making a big fuss over her party.

Adding the stickers!

This was her idea. To add birthday stickers to the back of the envelope.

As I searched for items to go along with her theme, I came across these homemade crayon boxes from:http://www.chicaandjo.com/2011/04/07/custom-crayon-box-invitation/  We used them as favors. I purchased a 150 count box of crayons and filled the boxes with 8 crayons each. This was the more inexpensive route, especially since all crayola were BOGO Free!!!

I found scrap fabric in my craft box and made a little “favor” table. They were able to add to their favor bags themselves.

Made from scrap fabric.Favor Table!

I found mini coloring books on Amazon for about $6.50 for 12. After the party I realized we could have made the coloring books, so maybe this is an idea you can use for your crayon party.

Favor Table!

We played interactive games and I forgot to get snapshots of all of them. When the kids arrived they were SUPPOSED to color at the coloring table from coloring sheets I found on Nick Jr.com but instead, they choose to play balloon kickball. We painted on the paint wall, drew with chalk in the driveway, searched for crayons and markers in the “Treasure Hunt” in the back yard, dug for color pencils in the “Needle in a Hay stack” game (They were blind folded), and smashed the pinata. I also had a coloring relay race game, but we didn’t have time. Thank God for 70 degree weather in December!

A week prior, the Birthday Girl tested out my old craft paints to make sure they were usable for the paint wall!

The paint wall!!! (We used the left over wall crayons).

“Needle in a Hay Stack” Filled with color pencils!!! (Dads are awesome!!)

"Needle in a Hay Stack" Filled with color pencils!!! (Dads are awesome!!)

God Moms are wonderful!! I wanted to make a pinata, but ran out of steam. She stuffed it with candy and goodies! See the Pizza coupons, lol!!!

God Moms are wonderful!!

The pinata was a number 4. I had intentions to make a “crayon” pinata, but after resting from Thanksgiving, and a weekend of Dance Activities for the Birthday Girl, I didn’t have the energy, whew!

We used rainbow cupcakes that a girlfriend of mine made. We used the recipe from a youtube video.


These were such a hit. I found the crayon cupcake toppers from Amazon.com . They were about $3.00 for 36. Of course the price varies on the person selling them, I lucked up on a deal. I didn’t get a picture of the inside of the cakes, but the video shows you what they looked like. They went fast!

I was determined to make this party cost effective. The decorations consisted of bulletin board paper crayons and “person blown” floor balloons and a dozen helium balloons. We used all colors of the rainbow to carry out the theme.

God Moms are the best! She cut out about 14 3ft crayons for the walls, and painted them for me.

This really brought the theme to life when you walked into the living space. Large crayons were everywhere, even on the door.

This is a sideway shot of the front door!

When you do your crayon party, you can add a little message on the crayon on the door, but at this point, I’d run out of steam, lol.

I wanted to continue the theme with the food. I found crayons on a google image search, printed, and taped them to the food. I tried to get food of all colors. I couldn’t find anything blue that I wanted to add to the menu.

Red Twizzlers and Oranges!!Chips and Grapes!

Chips and Grapes!

One of our friends appreciated the figure friendly fruit snacks, he’s lost 35lbs on weight watchers!!

I hope you enjoyed the recap of our event. We spent around $250 for the entire party (for 45 people due to Parents) planning early, using coupons and deals, and I made most of the items. Being a crafty person, most of the items were in my craft closet, even about 60 markers for the treasure hunt. Don’t hesitate to enjoy birthday parties and your little ones every year!  We can’t take life for granted, parties don’t have to be as elaborate, but letting your loved one know how much you love them is a must. Doing something simple like decorating their room for their birthday or popping up at school with cupcakes will give the same “Gosh I’m special” effect as a party.

My daughter said, “This was the best party ever!!” I gained Mom points and was glad she enjoyed herself. We are so blessed to have friends and family to celebrate these moments with, especially in our new town.

God bless you all and I pray you are encouraged to create an awesome party or event for your loved one, even if it isn’t on their birthday.